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BITCOIN - a pioneer on the cryptocurrency market
since 2009

Although Bitcoin is known as the undisputed leader among digital currencies, unfortunately,it has its limitations. The transactions speed falls due to its rising popularity, and the anonymity of this cryptocurrency raises associations with the so-called Dark Web. For this reason, Bitcoin does not meet the requirements set by financial market regulators.

This is because, more people begins to use the digital currency, therefore its value increases.

Let me introduce you to a new project called Dascoin - a new digital currency which is very likely to become a real revolution in the world of ctryptocurrencies - thanks to the mobile and card payment application!

It combines the best features of digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Dash with the advantages of traditional currencies such as dollars and pounds. As a fact, this DaCoin will be a new, hybrid cryptocurrency!!

terminal payment

DasCoin is the safest digital currency in the world, enabling fast execution of transactions around the world, with a complete peace of mind towards its outcome.

1. Transactions will be carried out almost immediately

Let's look at the popular BitCoin. To verify any transaction, it has to be entered into a block, and then into the block chain. Each confirmation means that the transaction was confirmed into a block. It is generally agreed, that the transaction is fully validated after obtaining three confirmations n the network. The time between consecutive blocks is roughly 10 minutes. Let's take a look at the chart showing the average time needed to confirm the transaction.

confirmation time chart

This means that the average time needed to confirm the transaction is 37.5 minutes.

DasCoin has 6 second blocks which means that the cash flow among the users is almost instant!

better blockchain

2. DasCoin mobile payments

The market in the second half of 2018 will be introduced with a new application called DasPay, that will allow you to pay with DasCoin for any purchases. The application was designed by CARTA WORLDWIDE, which also connected Visa and MasterCard to NFC payments, including Vodafone, PayPal and lately ... Uber.


This means that mobile phone payments will be possible in over 60 million points of sales around the world. In practice, it looks like that we will pay with DasCoin in every place equipped with a payment terminal that supports contactless technology. Similar solutions are already offered by Android Pay or Apple Pay, however, we pay there with money from your bank account.


WebWallet - unbeatable, decentralized virtual wallet and exchange platform, the most user-friendly and safest of all digital solutions of this type.

During the Tokyo Global Summit in September 2017, DasExchange was also launched at WebWallet, an exchange platform based on the blockchain, thanks to which users can exchange DasCoin for euro.

4. DasExchange

The first cryptocurrency exchange market based on blockchain!


Besides DasCoin trading, it will be possible to buy and sell BIITCOIN, BITCOIN CASH, ETHEREUM and RIPPLE

On April 27, 2018 in London DasExchange has been announced for the public, as well as the launch of DasCoin to be listed on other external stock markets.


A hardware wallet, manufactured by Ledger SAS. Validator allows to confirm all transactions made on the WebWallet is required to confirm transactions on the WebWallet.


Who is responsible for DasCoin?

people behind DasCoin DasCoin

Now that you know what DasCoin is and how widely experienced people create it, we should focus on how much you can make.


The first step is to create an account via a link.. Click on the button below.
Click on the button below.


Then you choose a licence which suits you best. In fact, there are 6 licenses with different values ​​to choose from, each characterized by specific mining conditions (the more advanced licence the more coins you get).


In the table below, there is a list of individual licenses and the number of coins that one can mine.

pakiety cd.

How much can we make money with the rate of 1 euro per piece and 5 euro per piece?

We buy, for instance, a licence for €5000, at a rate of €1 per piece, which gives you €52.963, and at a rate of €5 per piece €264.815

You don't have to invite people to join this business to make money: we have the opportunity to make money on the crypto difference across exchange rate.


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